Goldwally - 100% voor uw goudGoldwally - 100% voor uw goud

100% purchasing power for your old gold in collaboration with

Goldwally samenwerking

100% with gift cards

You receive 100% of the current market value for the gold in your old, unwanted or damaged jewellery, coins, objects, etc. The value is paid out in gift cards. You can choose any of the cards of the companies mentioned above with the amount you wish.

Goldwally - 100% market value


100% recycling

Gold mining is one of the most contaminating industries, At the same time 3.000 trucks full of jewellery are stored in drawers at our homes. Only 1% is recycled every year. To reduce mining Goldwally aims to increase recycling to 5%.

Goldwally - 100% sustainable


100% of the gold price

The new recycling platform Goldwally determines the fine gold content and the weight of your jewellery, objects, etc. and pays 100% of the current gold market value. Completely transparent and always checkable at

Goldwally - 100% transparent


100% independent control

Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland B.V. carries out sample and batch tests on the old jewellery and items Goldwally acquires. EWN is appointed by the Minister of Economic Affairs as legal body with the main object to protect the consumer against deceit with regard to the contents of precious metal in jewellery and appliances.

Goldwally - 100% reliable

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